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Here are some of my best articles to get you started on understanding the creative process and strengthening your work ethic:

Creativity and Life

Two Controversial Elements That Are Crucial to Your Creative Success

50 Quotes That Will Replenish Your Creative Reserves

Is Creativity the Healthy And Useful Way of Finding Yourself?

Lessons from Artists

Benjamin Franklin’s Incredible Technique for Mastering Your Craft

Do You Know Exactly Why You’re Chasing Your Dream?

What We Can Learn from Bradley Cooper’s Dedication


Is Your Big Break Taking Longer Than Expected? Then You Might Be A Late Bloomer


The Smart Person’s Guide to Developing Powerful, Long-Lasting Self-Discipline

Four Ways to Embrace the Tedious Process of Doing Creative Work

Why Creatives Should Focus on Quantity Over Quality

Pseudo Artists Vs. Real Artists

Do You Use These Four Excuses That Keep You From Being A Healthy, Productive Artist?

What It Takes For A Pseudo Artist to Become A Real Artist

Why the Creator Who Isn’t Creating Needs to Get Down to Work


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