Lessons from the NFL: Don’t Be Afraid to Get in the Game

Andrew Luck: An undaunted rookie

Often I look at the success of my favourite writers, the legends who have come before me, and I get discouraged. Their massive, loyal cult-like followings intimidate me. I marvel at how perfectly these writers craft their sentences, their chapters, their stories, their ideas. It hurts to compare their superior voices to my own.

Since I started taking my writing seriously, this inferiority feeling of mine had started to grow. And to this day, the self-doubt, the self-defeating thoughts still haunt me—Who am I to call myself a writer? Who am I to start a blog? Have I anything to say? Why would people read my words when they can get lost in Hemingway’s pithy style or Malcolm Gladwell’s intellectual adventures?

The World Welcomes New Comers

And then last Sunday, I had a realization. It came as I watched some season-opening football. Did you catch any of the games? There were a slew of starting rookie quarterbacks.

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A Quick Update on Where I’ve Been

Hey readers,

You may have been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted to my blog in the last few weeks. So if you don’t mind, let me fill you in.

But first, I want to introduce you to my new puppy. His name is Cooper and he’s a borador; a half lab half collie. He’s very, very smart as I’ve been taking him to puppy training :). Here are some pics.

Okay, now here’s why I haven’t been active on my blog recently. This summer I’d been taking a couple courses to finish up my degree and I wrapped it up a couple weeks ago. I’m now an official U of T graduate :D. There I studied professional writing and philosophy.

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