The Consequences of Not Following Your “One True Path”

Image by Jasen Miller (Creative Commons)

I believe that we all have a north star; a shining light that guides us down the “one true path.” “The one true path” is our own unique road that leads to the fulfillment of our calling, our all-consuming passion, our sole mission in life.

When we’re not following our unique path that was designed solely for us by God, by the Universe, or by biology, bad things happen.

Bad symptoms manifest: we develop diseases—mental illness, depression, and anxiety. We develop neuroses—our self, or our spirit, becomes divided. We develop dirtied characters—we become angry and self-absorbed, we fight, we shoot bombs at countries with differing politics, we argue and injure others and, in the process, we injure ourselves.

To reiterate, I believe that the reason for many of these symptoms—both on an individual and societal level—is because many of us ignore our north star. We deny our authentic selves, and instead live through our conditioned selves (the self moulded and pressured by society, by parents, by friends).

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