Why the Creator Who Isn’t Creating Needs to Get Down to Work

For the Creator Who Isn’t Creating, something deep down tells her she should be exercising her creative energy.

It’s not a happy sight. Men with creative energy, who aren’t being creative, release it by scrapping with clenched fists. I’m not sure what women do—maybe they scrap verbally.

Writers who aren’t writing compensate by acting like the character that they just want to write about.

Artists who aren’t making art compensate by dramatizing their real lives. They argue, fight, and scream. They’re irritable most of the time—without knowing why. They feel restless, even guilty.

Guilty, that is, for not creating.

Instead of employing their creative energy in useful ways, the Creator Who Isn’t Creating internalizes it and even projects it onto others. She suppresses her imagination—that’s where guilt kicks in. No matter how busy and productive she may be, if she isn’t doing the work she knows she should be doing, she feels guilty.

An excellent example of what happens when a Creator Isn’t Creating is the story of author Joanna Penn. I read an interesting article on Ollin Morale’s blog where he interviews Penn. She explained why she quit a high-earning job as an IT Consultant to write full-time. I would bet that, for Joanna, that comfy IT position wasn’t fulfilling her. No matter how comfortable she was financially, there was something else tugging at her sleeve for attention: her creative calling.

For the Creator Who Isn’t Creating, something deep down tells her that she should be exercising her creative energy.

We feel guilt for not actualizing this potential. We feel guilty for not living out this potential life of greatness that is buried deep within us.

Start doing the work

When the Creator Who Isn’t Creating starts to write/ paint/ draw/ create, she no longer needs to dramatize everything, to get attention, to get into scraps. She’s not as restless and irritable. The guilt subsides over time.

An artist who consistently engages with her talents will no longer feel different, or weird. Now that she’s doing her work, she wants her personal life to be as normal and drama-free as possible. She’ll actually want to work from 9 am  till’ 5 pm like the rest of society.

I don’t think there is a greater feeling than coming home after a day’s hard work doing the thing you love. So, if you’re a Creator Who Isn’t Creating, consider getting down to work. It’s worth it.


Image by HotlantaVoyeur

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