Was Freud an Artist?


Sigmund Freud, one of the pioneers of traditional psychoanalysis, understood the power of words. He once wrote:

In the beginning words were magic, and the word still retains much of its magic power today. With words one person can make another blissful or drive them to despair, with words a teacher conveys his knowledge to pupils, with words the speaker carries with him the assembly of listeners and determines their judgments and decisions. Words evoke emotional states and are the general means by which people influence each other.

(Quote from Lesley Chamberlain’s book The Secret Artist: A Close Reading of Sigmund Freud.)

Successful, influential artists understand people at a fundamental level—what inspires them, agitates them, or moves them—and are able to stir up these feelings through painting, a novel, or a song.

Freud’s writings stringed many of his readers along like any good novelist would.

As artists and writers and musicians do, he helped his patients see a side of themselves they otherwise would have never seen—their authentic selves.

Something interesting to think about: Was Freud more of an artist, than he was a scientist?


Image by  Raúl Soriano Meseguer


2 comments on “Was Freud an Artist?

  1. Ollin says:

    Love that quote! I agree words are powerful and we need to be careful how we choose them. That’s why I always try to use positive words, and not negative ones.

    • Yup, very true.

      Btw just seen you redesigned C2C, looking good man! Hopefully you find a way to publish your ebook. I’m writing a book for a course in school now, and I know how unexpected the costs can be.

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