How to Kill Perfectionism


Image by ensceptico

Recently I watched a new documentary of South Park—the animated comedy about four vulgar grade-schoolers from Colorado—called Six Days to Air. It catalogued the making of one of the show’s new episodes: Human CentIpad.

The documentary was entertaining and informative. I learned that South Park has survived through 15 seasons because the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, know how to kill perfectionism.

Parker and Stone have only six days to make a new episode. During the process of making Human CentIpad, Parker described what it’s like to be under such pressure:

There is a show on this Wednesday and we don’t even know what it is. And like, even though that’s the way we’ve always done it, there’s this little thing going ‘Oh, you’re screwed… you’re screwed!’

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Three Ways to Prevent School From Killing Your Creativity

How long before schools teach our kids how to thrive in this new world, and not sputter in it?

The Post Industrial Revolution is here: the economy is undergoing another powerful change. And traditional education is hindering its students from capitalizing on this opportunity. It’s time to stop fretting about academia and embrace creativity.

The problem with traditional education is that students are trained to fit in to the corporate world. Students are taught to get better at consuming information and memorizing facts. There’s an obsession with getting the right answer. As a result, this rigid model of education kills creativity.

The academic model of education runs counter to the demands of our current society. Thirty years ago it made sense to shun the arts and choose a realistic, tangible career. A University grad found it easier to give up her dream of painting; her degree landed her a stable job with a loyal company.

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